Hafsa Ahmed

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Lecturer, Lincoln University

I describe myself as an applied researcher with a portfolio of projects driven by futures foresight to address social issues in management to make positive social change.

Social issues in management investigate fundamental questions about the ethical systems (rights, justice, moral principles, norms, values), organisational roles, their functioning, and strategic issues around the legitimacy of business institutions along with stakeholder engagement.

With my expertise in change management and stakeholder engagement, I undertake this research as an engaged scholar, bridging scholarship to applied social practices, by working collaboratively with people/institutions to solve practical challenges/issues they are facing to create meaningful impact and relevant knowledge.

While acting as a bridge to reduce the knowledge gap between academia-industry to advance scholarship, research and practice, I host two podcasts – Influencers @ Lincoln (Plains FM) and Spill the beans (Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management). The podcasts provide a platform for the dissemination of knowledge in an attempt to promote greater collaboration between stakeholders.

As an educator, my aim is to enhance management education to support social and environmentally responsible business leaders who are equipped with the skills to solve the wicked problems facing the planet. At a personal level, I am driven by service and serve on Boards of various impact organisations to support projects which aim to address social issues in the community.

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