Shin Takahashi

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Phone: 04 4636465
Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington

Shin Takahashi's expertise is on Japanese culture and history. He is a lecturer in Japanese studies at Victoria University of Wellington. Takahashi teaches modern and contemporary Japanese culture and history. 

Takahashi's works primarily focus on social and cultural movements in the twentieth-century Okinawa, or the so-called Okinawan struggle, and its implications in regional and global contexts. His research interests lie in national formation and cultural identities, state-society relations, memory of war and occupation in modern Japan, and the “post-colonial Cold War” in East Asia.

Prior to his appointment at Victoria, Takahashi was a post-doctoral fellow at Kumamoto University’s Centre for Policy Studies (2016-2017), and assistant professor at Faculty of Global Human Sciences, Kobe University (2017-2018). Takahashi has also held a visiting fellowship from Area Research Institute, Okinawa University (2011-2013). Currently, Takahashi is a research associate for Research Centre for Promoting Intercultural Studies, Kobe University (2018-Present).


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