Asia Media Centre media training workshops

Gain media and communications skills that will help you have a voice on important issues and to build communications into your career. 

Whether you are an academic, activist or artist, being a good communicator is the key to ensuring your ideas connect with your audience.  

That’s why the Asia Media Centre established a series of media training workshops for people in our network who are focused on Asian affairs. For three years we have run full-day, fully subsidised media training workshops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch equipping dozens of participants with the skills to confidently enter the media arena. 

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- Friday, May 31 2024, Wellington

- Friday, June 7 2024, Auckland

Media training participants get on-camera practice during each workshop to help hone their messages.

The Asia New Zealand Foundation’s latest Perceptions of Asia research found that 50 percent of New Zealanders have a “fair amount” of knowledge about Asia. Deepening that understanding can only be aided by the presence of strong voices in the mainstream media putting Asian affairs in context. 

The Asia Media Centre is designed to improve the media's access to expert voices and analysis on current developments in Asia and on Asia's relevance to New Zealand.  Our workshops have brought together a mix of academics, subject matter experts and people with stories to tell about Asia: if you’re a researcher focused on Asian affairs, part of a government department, NGO, or organisation supporting work focused on Asia, or are involved in work relevant to Asia communities, we're keen to hear from you. 

This is your opportunity to learn how the media works and the key to working effectively with the media to achieve your communication goals.

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE: Asia Media Centre media training

In our full-day, fully funded workshop you will: 

  • Explore the importance of the performance aspect of a media interview, learning home to overcome nerves and harness body language to deliver a compelling performance.

  • Workshop your content to develop a fine-tuned set of key messages that cut to the heart of what you want to get across.
  • Put those skills to good use in front of the TV camera as you employ standard and advanced interviewing skills to master any media interview scenario.
  • Work alongside participants, Asia Media Centre advisors and our veteran media trainers to gain feedback and experiment with content and performance, all in a safe and supporting environment.
  • Enjoy ongoing support and access to media training opportunities for you to put your media training into use in real-world interviews following the workshop. 

Media trainer Peter Griffin (second from the left) discusses messaging.

Your workshop hosts

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is a freelance journalist of 20 years experience covering science and technology for the New Zealand Listener, BusinessDesk, RNZ and Stuff. He was the founding director of the Science Media Centre 2008 - 2018 and established the science blog platform  

He helped develop the SMC’s Science Media SAVVY media training programme and has media-trained hundreds of scientists, experts and academics as part of media training workshops held all over the country. 

Simon Morton

Simon Morton founded RNZ’s tech series Digital Life in 2002 and then went on to establish the science and tech consumer show This Way Up in 2006, presenting the show until 2018. He’s been a regular contributor to BBC Digital Planet radio show and has presented and co-produced TV shows including 'Why We Buy', 'Along for the Ride' (TVNZ One), 'Use As Directed' (TVNZ 6/7) and 'Forensics NZ' (Prime).  

Simon has interviewed thousands of experts over the years. Today he's a director of Shelly Bay Baker and Capital Millers based in Miramar, Wellington.

How to apply: 

The Asia Media Centre holds 3 - 4 full-day media training workshops throughout the country each year, featuring 6 - 8 participants in each workshop. 

You can leave an expression of interest with the Asia Media Centre and join the mailing list to be informed about the next upcoming workshop in your region. For specific enquiries, you can email

What participants say about our workshops: 

Raj Maharjan, private consultant and president Help Nepal Network New Zealand:  

“I have opportunities to put in practice the learnings from the media training. I found the message box and the ABC technique super effective while engaging with media in delivering my message. I utilised the message box and ABC technique during an RNZ interview with Jesse Mulligan and once when I appeared in a board interview.  

Prior to both occasions, I sought advice from Peter Griffin (one of the trainers), who was kind enough to help me.”   

Nicholas Khoo, associate professor, Politics Programme, University of Otago:  

"My engagement with media — be it print, radio, or TV— has benefitted immensely from the Asia New Zealand Foundation's media training workshop sessions. I couldn't recommend it more highly."  

Luke Qin, board member NZIIA, executive committee member New Zealand China Council, international trade banker:  

“Grateful to the Asia Media Centre and our professional trainers for the opportunity to attend a full-day media training workshop, providing us with a safe environment to work on setting our performance cue, crafting messages, while facing some challenging questions on-camera.  

“I feel more confident planning my engagement with Media and getting my messages across.”  

- Asia Media Centre