Wendy Matthews: ‘Vietnam is dynamic, entrepreneurial’

Vietnam is a country full of dynamism, says Wendy Matthews, New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam.

Wendy Matthews: If I have one word to describe Vietnam, I think it would be dynamism. It’s a country that’s growing and changing. The people are incredibly hardworking. And there is a real sense of entrepreneurial spirit.

If I was to describe the New Zealand-Vietnam relationship, I would use a word like ‘growth’. We are in a really fantastic stage of growth. The trade relationship grew 32 percent last year. The student numbers of Vietnamese studying in New Zealand are on an upward trajectory. Tourism is really blossoming in both directions – about 35,000 Kiwis a year go to Vietnam to backpack around and enjoy some of the beautiful scenery. But we are also seeing really great growth in the number of Vietnamese tourists coming to explore New Zealand.

We also have the growth in the political and defence relationship. We are setting a very solid foundation and profile for New Zealand.

“I think in a few years’ time, we are going to see the New Zealand-Vietnam relationship on a stronger and higher footing.”

– Asia Media Centre