Video: The importance of WeChat in China business Jack Sheppard

It is essential for anyone looking to engage with the Chinese market to get onto WeChat, says Jack Sheppard, business development manager of

“For anybody who is wanting to engage with the Chinese market here in New Zealand or the Chinese market in mainland China, it is of paramount importance to get onto WeChat, get familiar with it, download it, and start messaging.

“Because WeChat really does leverage personal connections. It’s not just about anybody who yaps with each other. They have to be your friends, you have to know them, you have to be connected with them, then you can start messaging, sharing your ideas.

And everything in China is related to trust, and related to guanxi, which is interpersonal connections. And WeChat is really the manifestation of the digital version of that.”

Read an explainer of China’s most popular app here.

– Asia Media Centre